Small business owners have a lot to worry about in today's marketplace. Cash flow, staff expansion, revenue growth and new regulations top their list of concerns - but time management, employee relations and building a solid customer base also are huge stressors.

Additionally, depending on their respective industries, other factors may impact them. These include government regulation, environmental issues, best practices, continuing education and much more. Add to this competition and a constantly shifting market, and small business owners in any field need up-to-date solutions they can count on.

Now, small business owners with big questions can find the help they need directly on your bank's website. SBR's proprietary content addresses issues of paramount importance to your business customers. Formatted to your specifications, we provide in-depth, expert-written articles, columns from leading business writers, tools, templates and more.

SBR's proprietary content, formatted according to your preferences, can cover both general business and industry specific content.. The industries include accounting, agriculture, dental, legal, medical, real estate and retail. In-depth articles, financial tools and expert business columns provide fast, reliable solutions geared to individual disciplines. In fact, your bank's website will be the first place these specialized entrepreneurs look to for answers.

SBR's customized e-newsletters - delivered straight to your customers' online mailboxes - are another value-added source of financial information, bank updates and community news. As with our web copy, your preferences drive the development process, so each e-letter truly becomes yours.

On the social media side, SBR helps boost customer engagement and provides added opportunities to cross-sell on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Regular postings on bank news, paired with lively blogs, photos and product information will let customers truly get to know YOU.

With our wide range of content tools, SBR puts your bank in the role of trusted advisor and business consultant - at no cost to your customers.

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