Business Solution Driven


Financial Institutions are challenged with churn rates of small business customers. Many small businesses are single service customers with either a deposit or lending relationship. These are the most apt to leave. SBR can build a multifaceted strategy of selling more bank services to the customer base, as well as retaining these customers with multiple services.

SBR can strategize with your Financial Institution and build a plan to effectively reach these businesses through a combination of digital, direct mail, email, and phone. SBR will partner with you to add on additional Treasury, Lending, and Deposit services.

SBR’s Banking Analyzer is a proven and flexible customized tool designed to help your customers determine which of your products and services best fit their needs.

The Analyzer encourages the business executive to stay on your financial institution’s website and explore your services by giving them an easy-to-use application; asks them questions about their banking needs and provides them with the best solutions.

Placed on your main web page for non-customers and behind your online banking login for customers, the Analyzer is an engaging tool that will help expand wallet share, reduce churn rates and acquire new business customers.