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Boost banking customer engagement with Business, Consumer, Industry Specific and Wealth Management Web content - and do it YOUR way.

The role of marketing is broader and more vital than ever. Promoting products is no longer enough. Positioning your institution as a provider of solutions requires ongoing contact with small business owners and consumers whenever and however they want. Providing relevant information is the ideal way to have ongoing contact.

  • Social Media
  • Blog
  • E-Newsletters
  • Sales Library for Bankers
  • Online Resource Centers
  • White Papers

SBR Content Solutions include, but are not limited to:

Customized and Proprietary Articles

SBR writes custom and proprietary small business and consumer articles for banks. We learn our client’s “voice“ and then write in a style that supports them. Our content can be centered around financial products, cash management, industry solutions, fraud and protecting your assets, healthcare, what’s happening at the SBA, what’s trending on social media, etc.

As an example, during the 2020 pandemic, our clients requested assistance in communicating regularly to their small business customers. We wrote a series of articles that helped small businesses navigate during turbulent times.

Libraries of Content:

Financial Wisdom Library of Content

The Financial Wisdom Library of Content subscription service provides a wide selection of financial, educational and informational content. With approximately 350 content items for small businesses and consumers, the library also includes a series of worksheet tools that help families and small businesses manage their finances. Banks find the podcast series to be a helpful tool and a way to drive traffic to their website where the podcasts reside.

Small Business Library:

The Small Business Library features informative, timely articles in start-up, management, human resources, finances, licensures, insurance, fraud, technology and more. Also included are business finance and management worksheets. This library features regular columns by leading business experts as well as news feeds and featured stories.

Consumer Library:

The Consumer Library provides personal banking customers all the information they need to effectively manage finances throughout their lifetimes. Included are articles on financial security, home-buying, insurance, college savings, credit, budgets, investing, retirement and more. Also featured are personal finance columns, tips and blogs by leading money management experts.

Website Resource Centers:

Resource centers are a great way to engage current bank customers and attract new ones. We can design and manage a custom small business and/or consumer resource center that reflects your brand and voice or simply deliver the content to your web team to add to your current resource center. SBR provides various levels of resource centers based on your specific needs; entry level, small business, consumer or a combination of small business/consumer. Depending on the resource center that fits your needs features could include:

  • Business finance/management calculators and worksheets
  • Regular columns by leading business experts
  • News feeds and featured stories
  • Localized content
  • Timely news content
  • Calculators for budgeting, debt repayment, car purchase, home purchase, retirement and more
  • Personal finance columns, tips and blogs by leading money management experts
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