Customer Acquisition Programs

Build Your Bank’s client base with state-of-the-art marketing tools designed to access and connect with new and current business accounts. Combine SBR's proprietary components with deposit, lending, and cash management products, and transform your client acquisition strategy into a real powerhouse!


SBR’s NewBizFilings bank branch small business deposit acquisition program is a proven and profitable way for Your Bank to acquire newly and recently formed businesses’ deposits and cash management accounts within the bank branch network . Your Bank can be the first to reach these new businesses through a multi touch approach of traditional and digital combination.

SBR compiles data each year on 3.5 million new small businesses that incorporate; and 2.5 million annual secondary filers, such as an attorney who has been in business four months and expands from a home office to a commercial building and files for a Business Occupancy License . SBR collects these legal records, such as business incorporation and trade license, daily from 2,200 local and county governments and 50 states’ agencies.


The SBRBizSales small business acquisition program can be customized to support your Bankers in acquiring small business relationships and selling deposit, cash management and lending Products .

There are more than 5 million businesses over one year old. SBRBizSales identifies choice prospects utilizing our data selects that you identify (Industry/SIC; Years in Business; Revenues; Business Credit; and Geography/Radius of Branches).

Small Businesses are targeted through a combination of direct mail and Digital IP ads , and contact Information is sent so that Your Banker can follow up by phone calls and email.


SBReLeadGen is a new, exciting product. It’s a guaranteed cost per lead. Your Bank only pays when you receive a guaranteed lead from a completely filled out contact form after downloading a white paper/infographic. We target small businesses one year or older.

When the prospective small business executive receives Your Bank’s email, they click on it and are taken to a landing page with a contact form to download a white paper/infographic and agree to be contacted by Your Bank. Once the contact form is completed, SBR will review each lead and scrub out incomplete forms or undesirable companies. We will send these guaranteed leads twice a week for Your Bankers to follow up. Your Bank can decide on the creative for the email and the topic for the white paper/infographic or provide one of your white papers.

Banking Analyzer:

SBR’s Banking Analyzer Is a proven and flexible customized tool designed to help your web visitors determine which of Your Bank’s products or services are right for them.

Engage potential customers immediately. The Banking Analyzer encourages the small business executive to stay on Your Bank’s website and explore your services by giving them an easy to use application; asks them questions about their banking needs, and provides them with the best solutions.

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