Business Solution Driven

Customer Acquisition

Loans – Deposits – Treasury and Cash Management

With an in-depth database of every established small business, our multi-touch campaigns combine Direct Mail, IP Banner Ads, Email and Phone – reaching targeted businesses. We work closely with you to determine the best data selects such as industry, revenue, years in business, previous SBA recipient, and others. etc.

Your bankers are busy nurturing relationships with current customers, effectively reducing churn. Finding time to effectively prospect new customers presents challenges. Using a white paper as a lure, SBR funnels hot leads to your bankers. We’ll target key selects of businesses based on the makeup of your most desired business customers. White papers will reflect the products/services that you’re most interested in acquiring at that moment; SBA Loans, Equipment Finance, CRE Loans, Treasury Management, overall relationship.

Deposits – Treasury and Cash Management

SBR is the market leader in targeting new and micro businesses. Leading regional financial institutions use this service to acquire many thousands of small businesses each year, nurture them, and then expand the relationship.

Each year SBR receives data daily on 6 million newly and recently formed businesses from 2,200 local municipalities and 50 state governments. We receive the data with 48 hours of a filing and can reach the business the following week, typically before they have made a banking decision, which is the exact time to reach them.

Your Financial Institution can reach these businesses through a combination of Direct Mail (mailing daily) and IP Banner Ads, and drive them to the closest branch and a landing page on your website.