Small Business eMarketing Acquisition Program

SBReBizSales allows Your Bank to reach businesses for new deposit, checking, savings, lending, and cash management services through performance based e-marketing with the use of targeted standalone advertising emails, or “solo emails.”


SBReBizSales reaches small businesses with over 80 million solo emails nationwide.

SBR partners with hundreds of industries.


  • Pay for Performance Service
  • Turnkey Solutions


Your Bank can send solo emails to small businesses in the zip codes you target.

Multiple targeting capabilities include:

  • Industry
  • Title of executive
  • Geography
  • Revenue

SBR’s Turnkey Solution assists you with the entire campaign process, including obtaining opt-in small business leads, assisting with creative design, sending out the solo emails, hosting the landing page, and providing twice-weekly leads.

SBR partners with leading databases and publishers who have business owners and executives that have opted in to receive special offers, including partnerships with dozens of business trade publications, so you can reach the right decision makers.

With our signature Pay for Performance Service, you are only charged for businesses that respond to emails and fill out contact forms, requesting to talk with a Banker. The contact form information includes first name, last name, company name, phone number, email address, city, state, and zip code.

We offer Test and Learn packages, with the opportunity to test and fine tune multiple creatives and offers, so you can build your Bank’s campaign around the best performer.


  • Cost per lead guaranteed
  • You only pay when you receive a completed contact information form from a prospective customer
  • Two-month test campaigns available
  • Low-cost pilot programs
  • Goal of 200 guaranteed leads
  • Estimate of 200,000 solo emails
  • Goal of 50 sales

See It In Action

Click on the images below to see examples for each area.

Solo Email Examples

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