Banking Analyzer

SBR’s Banking Analyzer is a customized tool designed to help your web visitors determine which of Your Bank’s products or services are right for them. The Analyzer is flexible, customizable, and user-friendly.

Engage potential customers immediately, before they are off to another site. The Banking Analyzer encourages visitors to stay on Your Bank’s site and explore your services by giving them an easy to use application; asks them questions about their banking needs; and provides them with the best solutions.

Visitors coming to your site can select the Product Solutions button; they are then presented with a page that asks questions relative to their banking needs.

SBR will work with you to create the application’s questions. We will then create options of your Bank’s products that best meet the needs of web visitors to your site. We can create custom solutions that allow the end users to get more information, contact a Banker, or go to a specific branch location. SBR will design your Banking Analyzer so that you are completely satisfied with its operation and results.

SBR’s Banking Analyzer is completely customized for Your Bank's needs. It has your Bank's look and feel. It can also be designed to be dynamic in nature, so that existing clients can be asked certain questions and prospective customers asked a totally different set of questions.

See It In Action

Click on the images below to see examples for each area.

Banking Analyzer

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