Build Your Bank’s client base with state-of-the-art marketing tools designed to access and connect with new and current business accounts. Combine SBR's proprietary components with deposit, lending, and cash management products, and transform your client acquisition strategy into a real powerhouse!


Small Business and Consumer Onboarding and Cross-Sell

SBRFullWallet is an automated solution that helps banks onboard, activate, and cross-sell bank products. As an example: as a new DDA customer joins the bank, it’s strategic for them to activate additional bank services such as; online and mobile banking, remote deposit, e-statements and direct deposit.

Whether a customer is new or existing, SBRFullWallet will help your bank upsell deposit, lending, merchant, treasury, and other profitable bank services.

Financial institutions struggle with high churn rates of small business customers. Implement an easy, cost-effective, digital method to onboard new small businesses and provide them the opportunity to learn about your bank’s business services and benefits of using them. SBRFullWallet helps to expand use of banking services, whereby tightening relationships with customers and reducing churn.

SBRFullWallet can help:

  • Acquire customers
  • Increase account activation and engagement
  • Expand use of services
  • Grow small business and consumer customer satisfaction
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Manager conversions and mergers
It’s a mistake to believe that the only way to build relationships is face to face. SBRFullWallet makes it easy to engage on a personal level. Everything is digital. Target, test, and optimize campaigns with the click of a button.

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