Small Business Deposit Acquisition Program

SBR’s NewBizFilings branch small business deposit acquisition program is a proven and profitable way for Banks to acquire newly and recently formed businesses' deposit and cash management accounts. Seventy-five percent of these new businesses will also require merchant processing.

Each of these businesses have one thing in common — they are going to choose a Bank to form a relationship with very soon. Your Bank will be the first to reach these new businesses.


Each year, over 3.2 million companies annually file to launch businesses — for the first time — with their respective secretaries of state, county, and city governments. 

In addition, SBR compiles data on 2.3 million annual secondary-plus filings, providing key business-cycle data on professional licenses, business occupancy filings, and corporate and partnership registrations.


SBR compiles records from 2,200 municipalities and 50 states daily and makes these records available to Your Bank.


SBR can identify how many thousands of new and recently formed businesses reside within one, three, or five miles of Your Bank's Branches, and you can be the first to reach these prospective new customers with SBR’s Direct Response Mailing Program.

In addition to identifying new businesses within certain geographic locations, the NewBizFilings program also lets you target to other parameters that you specify, such as the type of industry. Your branches will be able to reach the businesses that they want to market to and suppress those they do not.

SBR will manage the NewBizFilings program to your specifications and will also provide you with custom analytics.


  • Creative Design - SBR will provide best practices and creative tips for optimal response.
  • Delivery Point Validation - SBR assures 100% postal verification and guaranteed delivery.
  •  Full Data Use - SBR provides your Bank with weekly records of all contacted companies, and you will have full use of those records for follow-up purposes throughout the length of your campaign.
  • Full Contact Information - All records you receive include owner/entity name and complete mailing address.
  • Faster Delivery - SBR mails daily, 4 x 6 postcards by first-class mail to ensure a faster and better ROI (or 6 x 9 or third class mail at Bank’s option).


SBR will provide monthly recommendations, analytics, and results for each campaign, including:

  • First or secondary filings
  • Type of creative or offer
  • Type of business (SIC)
  • Timing of sale

Partner with SBR’s NewBizFilings branch small business deposit acquisition program, and help Your Branches reach potential goals of Return on Investment topping 425%, and Deposits ranging from $10,000 to $250,000.

See It In Action

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