Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding helps to build the relationship as a new customer transitions from initial sale to increased account activation and engagement, along with accelerated cross-sell of sticky products and services leading to higher retention, increased customer satisfaction, and optimization of customer revenue potential.

Relevant customer communication begins at initial account opening with messaging designed to increase customer engagement and continues with communication designed to position the bank as a trusted advisor. This allows you to increase awareness and the potential to sell cash management services which optimizes customer revenue potential.

SBR will provide standardized templates for each onboarding and cross-sell email. The use of standardized email templates mitigates the risk of non-compliance with CAN-SPAM Act guidelines for commercial email messages.

  • All onboarding communication is built using responsive design so the email messaging can be viewed via mobile device, tablet, or desktop PC. Mobile optimization is critical as studies indicate 50%+ of people now open email on a mobile device.
  • SBR will customize each email template to reflect the bank brand (look and feel) by utilizing the bank's specific color palette, text font, and all required information and links.

Customer Data Privacy
Customer data transferred between the bank and SBR is limited and will be transmitted through a secure FTP site. SBR will undergo any bank specific vendor review and approval process, and will supply specific protocol, process, and equipment utilized during data transmission.

Program Activity Reporting
SBR will provide specific activity reporting for each email template delivered to measure:

  • Total emails sent, delivered, and bounce rate.
  • Total number of emails opened, and unique number of emails opened.
  • Total number of CTA clicks, and unique number of CTA clicks - including by CTA.
  • Total number of unsubscribe requests.

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